Classic Chic Productions is founded on the notion that there are great roles in the theatre (both male and female) that appeal to us as actors and human beings. We are creating a forum for women to explore these possibilities.


Christina Wells Campbell – Artistic Director
Corina Akeson – Production Manager
Michelle Martin – Marketing & Communications Director


Pacific Theatre presents the Classic Chic’s production of Corleone: A Shakespearean Godfather.  A classic tale of power, destiny, betrayal and honour: what if Shakespeare had written The Godfather? This brilliant comic premise takes on surprising dramatic power as Coppola’s movie masterpiece shows itself to be true Elizabethan tragedy. Performed by Classic Chic’s all-female cast, this mash-up of classic film and classical theatre ultimately charts the dizzying fall of a human soul.

Reviews are in! 

“…get yourself to Pacific Theatre. Classic Chic strikes again.” Jo Ledingham, Theatre Reviews, Feb 18, 2017

“Corleone a hit! a hit! a palpable hit!” ~ Baird Blackstone, Broken Leg Reviews, Feb 18, 2017

“It is satisfying to see women getting to take on “meaty” roles, and particularly when they do them so well.” ~ Margaret Ritchie, Church for Vancouver, Feb 8, 2017

“…it’s an all-too-rare joy to see so many different women, from so many different demographics, occupying the stage together.” ~ Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight, Feb 6, 2017

“Corleone: the Shakespearean Godfather makes an offer you shouldn’t refuse” ~ Colin Thomas, Feb 4, 2017

“Puzo and Coppola fans will love Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather.” ~ Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents, Feb 4, 2017

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The participation of the Artists in the production has been facilitated by, and is with the permission of, Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.