The Winter’s Tale – Director’s Notes

11 Shakespeare Festival Richard


“It is required you do awake your faith” says Paulina in The Winter’s Tale,  perhaps William Shakespeare’s most romantic tale.  It is the moment before a magical transformation that reveals the great work of Time, and takes the play to a deeply spiritual level.

The Winter’s Tale offers a punch in the gut as it delivers the tales of the suffering and rebirth of its women, but ultimately this is a sacred story of a triumphant emergence from darkness into light. Princess Perdita, “the lost one”,  is found, awakens the Queen with her presence, and the world celebrates the return of the Divine Feminine to the Throne. Time reunites two divided kingdoms and brings Peace.

The Winter’s Tale offers beautifully defined, strong, classic roles for women in Hermione, Paulina, and Perdita, but Classic Chic is also opening up fascinating opportunities for women to play everything from Clowns to Kings. This play features some of the greatest male characters ever written – the tyrant King Leontes, the seductive King Polixenes, the tortured Antigonus, the loyal Camillo, the hopeful Prince Florizel, the delightful villain with a deft sleight of hand and a song-and-dance, Autolycus. To hear such a magical story played by an all-female cast is a rare and beautiful transformational experience.

I am proud to be a part of this international collaboration that brings women’s voices onstage and into the world. I have faith that this endeavor will prove worthy and beautiful and strong.  Classic Chic Productions includes a large and visionary group of female actors and designers who will spend epic amounts of quality Time together, exploring this romantic fairy tale. With Time we hope we will create the stunning production that Shakespeare’s stunning text requires –packed with songs, swordplay, comedy, tragedy, dance, and classic romance!

Thank you for joining us in this amazing adventure! Your support makes all the difference!

Lisa Wolpe
Director, The Winter’s Tale